Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Best Laid Plans

Now that the house is starting to fill out a bit, it's time to start putting together a cohesive decorating plan.  Otherwise, I'll just keep bringing in mis-matched stuff that I don't need and end up on Hoarders.  Thrifting is addicting that way.

So, I had a little fun on Olioboard and put together a few mood boards.  Up first is the living room.

With the exception of the blinds, lamp, vintage paint-by-number, and a cowhide rug, I've already purchased everything here, so this room should come together fairly easily.

Just like Pinterest, Olioboard has the inexplicable power to suck hours out of your day.  Though the "remove background" feature could use a little work, it's very simple and allows even the technologically challenged to make decent-looking mood boards.


  1. Olioboard looks like fun. I'll have to check it out. I didn't know you had decided on a cowhide rug. I think that's a great choice. A friend who's decorating a new condo told me he found one on clearance for $158 the other day at

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    2. Yeah, I'd still love a kilim, but I've just grown tired of waiting. I love the color of cowhides, they're less expensive, easy to find, don't need a rug pad, and are much simpler to keep clean and care for. Now I just need to convince my girlfriend that we need a big dead animal skin in the room ;)

  2. Ut-Oh, this looks like fun and another time sucker from my work!