Wednesday, November 26, 2014


As you've likely heard, our fair city of St. Louis experienced a couple rough nights this week.  My heart goes out to everyone caught in the middle, including our friends over at Rocket Century who were right in the thick of it on South Grand.  Thankfully, they escaped unscathed, but many others were not so fortunate.

I hope that our community can make a speedy recovery and that those responsible for the unnecessary violence and destruction are swiftly brought to justice.

Getting back on topic, I thought that I'd follow up on my last post and link you all to the new MCM-inspired collection released by Ikea.  While many MCM enthusiasts may not hold them in particularly high regard, I actually really like a few of the pieces.  Check it all out here.  Apologies for the lack of English translation.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Chicago Trip

While most of my Chicago vacation was taken up with Halloween parties and Mexican food, I did make a few shopping trips.  You didn't think I'd come all that way and miss favorite Swedish homegoods store, did you?

It seems like every time that I pay Ikea a visit, they've got a few more MCM-inspired pieces on display.  Some might scoff at such things, but I'm actually a big fan.  These pieces look great and would suit anyone who is in the market for new rather than used.  Can't wait for the new location to open in St. Louis.

Aren't these armchairs cool? The one on the left is a reproduction of an actual model that they introduced back in the 1960's.

This surprisingly solid credenza is stained to look like teak and has all the wiring cutouts,  drawers, and shelves that you'd need for a modern media center.  My 1960's credenza required some jerry-rigging and cutting in order to fit everything inside, so that might be a big plus for some.