Friday, April 19, 2013


>sitting watching the Boston shooting coverage
>new photo of accused killer comes on screen
>something catches my eye

> Those Dorothy Thorpe drinking glasses!

Well, I'm going to hell now.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Hello strangers.  It's certainly been a while.

The long absence wasn't intentional.  I just got caught up with the girlfriend's transcontinental visit and haven't had a chance to upload.  Now that she's left, you once again have this lonely blogger's undivided attention.

So, I thought that I'd do something a bit different for my return.  Today I'm going to instruct you how to build a super-hot (and affordable) desktop audio setup.

I've always had a thing for audio (check out my review of the exceptional Sony MDR-V6 headphones here), whether it's in films, music, or the occasional (the girlfriend would disagree ) video game.  However, due to my persistent tight-fistedness, all of my desktop entertainment needs were, until recently, fulfilled by a Logitech X-540 system.  It provided decent-enough surround sound for its $40 fire sale price, but one of the speakers developed a rather distracting rattle outside of the warranty period.