Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Replica Review: Verichron Nelson Spike Clock

After my last experience with Verichron (which appears to be owned by Control Brand), I was more than a little apprehensive about ordering another of their George Nelson replica clocks.

It's not that my Spindle Clock replica was bad, per se.  They got the overall look down pretty well, but the finer details, like the taped-on striping on the spindles and the cheap "brass" face cover, just weren't up to snuff for a wall clock in that price range.

Perhaps I'm simply a tightwad and was expecting too much?  After all, the Vitra replicas sell for hundreds more.

Well, in browsing my daily deal sites I came upon another offer that I couldn't pass up.  Before I knew it, my debit card shot out of my wallet and another Verichron Nelson replica was on its way to my doorstep.  Don't you hate how that happens sometimes?

Let's give Verichron another chance, shall we?

Ahhh, much better.  The build-quality on this spiked model is leagues ahead of the spindled version.

The face is all metal rather than plastic and appears to be powder coated, which is a big improvement.  It's also nice and chunky, like the original.  The extra heft makes the piece look much more substantial and creates a little visual interest with the spikes held away from and casting shadows on the wall.

The spikes themselves appear to have loosened during transport, but a few twists with a phillips head screwdriver fixed that right up.  The colors, shape, and materials all appear fairly accurate.

Probably the biggest improvement that I noticed was that Verichon didn't plaster that annoying "George Nelson" logo onto the face as they did with the others.  Thank goodness!

The one area that could stand some improvement is the hands.  They're on the thin side and have a tendency to bend of the clock is handled.

Other than that one small niggle, I'm pretty impressed.  Vitra, eat your heart out!  This baby delivers 9/10 of the looks and quality for 1/5 the price.


  1. Funny, but I just ordered another one a couple of days ago. This time I got the copper wire sunburst. I had actually already seen this one in person, so I knew I was getting one that looks good. I'm glad you're happy with your new one too.

  2. Copper wire sunburst? Got a link?

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