Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I put a spell on you

Yep, my house is definitely cursed.  No doubt about it.  

First the roof leaked in the second story.  Then it leaked in the bathroom, spare bedroom, and living room.  Next came the clogged waste drain pipe, the peeling drywall tape, and cracking plaster walls.  After that, the windows began leaking and a pipe burst in the basement, flooding the area with sewage and necessitating the removal of a section of the concrete floor.  Oh, and we can't forget the water seeping into the basement and the settling/cracking foundation.  All of the above were expertly hidden by the lovely renovators who redid my home and then promptly fled to Eastern Europe as soon as the ink on the paperwork was dry (presumably after casting some sort of gypsy curse on my abode).

As if all of that happening within a period of 8 months wasn't enough, the a/c has now conked out and there's a fresh leak in the sunroom.

Not the best way to start Memorial Day weekend, but I did end up getting a few hours of respite.

Mr. Modtomic, his girlfriend, and I had a look around the Wentzville Flea Market on Sunday and brought home a few goodies.

Then I prepared a BBQ feast, which included my world-renowned ribs, for my father's birthday.  Seriously, you have to try this recipe.

AND my friend Jon and I made it to the Gypsy Caravan!

There wasn't much Mid-Mod left after Mr. Mod cleaned the place out (nor were there any gypsies who could lift my curse), but it was nice to get out of the sweltering house and get some sunlight on that pale hide of mine.

So now it's time to start combing the review pages to find a decent (and cheap) a/c repair company... and perhaps an exorcist.


  1. Okay,
    I hereby lift the Gypsy curse...swish, swash...wah! Your life should get much better, really, really soon! 8-)
    PS - If you got that rattan corner table, I have one just like it! Yea!

  2. Thanks Crystal! Unfortunately, I think we are gonna need some more powerful gypsy magic. A/C and furnace both need to be replaced now!