Monday, June 4, 2012

Another oldie

A weekend without thrift stores?!  No estate sales?!

Don't worry, folks.  I'm alright.  After all the stomach knots, furrowed brows, deep sighs, and sleepless nights the early departure (RIP) of my A/C and furnace caused, I just needed a weekend to unwind.

I'm not even going through withdrawals... yet.

OK, so I did cheat a little bit.  You didn't think I could go a WHOLE WEEKEND without any retro, did you?

Hannah of Secondhand, Mr. Modtomic, Illuminate, and the crew from Rocket Century were all at the Green Shag Market hawking their wares this past Saturday, so I thought that I would make a brief appearance, though I may have unwound a bit too much and slept through my alarm.  I guess all of those sleepless nights and early mornings finally caught up with me.

I had a wonderful time chatting with everyone (though I missed Rocket Century - where were you guys?) and perusing the stalls.  There was some really neat stuff available, but Hannah had just what I needed: Lamps and lots of them!  Got a few other bits as well, but I'll share my haul with you soon.


For now, here's another oldie that I'd filed away in my "to post" folder and never got to.

I loved the look of this Zenith console stereo.  It had the lattice speaker grills, the perfect set of legs, and an almost-unblemished walnut veneer.  This was the quintessential retro console and was originally destined to become my TV stand.

However, before I moved it in I had a change of heart.  This thing had the original internals and I couldn't bear to let them sit there unused.  It needed a new home where it could bring analog joy, and find one it did.  Of course, I sat it out and listened to a few tunes on the radio first, and those old, big-coned hi-fi speakers sound rich, warm, and full, as expected.  As they say, there's no replacement for displacement.

Here's the Zenith is in it's new diggs, the home of a new friend and fellow Mid-Mod collector who just happens to own a very unique Mid-Century home in the area that I'd really like to feature on the blog (hint hint nudge nudge).

Well, that's all for now.  See you all soon.


  1. Beautiful stereo! I agree that if you find one that works, it should be enjoyed as a stereo. You'll find the perfect credenza for your TV.

    1. I'm sure there's tons out there that have had their components junked, so I'll just have to keep looking.

  2. Beautiful! Another items that's on my thrifting bucket list. I come across the old stereo credenza's often enough..but never working and never that look so nice. I'm a bit to gun shy to tackle any refinishing projects. What I'm trying to say, is your friend is lucky to be your friend, and your brilliant to pass on a good item to someone who can enjoy it's full potential. :)

    1. Thanks Nell! Yeah, refinishing can be a real pain. I've passed on many a great steal just because I didn't want the hassle of fixing it up.

  3. I love these! Hopefully it will get some TLC and be enjoyed as intended:)

    1. Done and Done. They've got it all fixed up and ready to go. Hopefully get some pictures of their home soon. You'd love it!