Sunday, January 15, 2012

That rug really tied the room together.

Alright, dear readers, I'm going to be making a few decorating decisions and I, due to my terrible indecisiveness, need your assistance.

First off is rugs.

Here's my living room and dining room as they stand (I still hate those brown Walmart curtains).  It's kinda hard to tell, but the walls are beige/taupe in color, the couch is dark turquise, and the Plycraft is chartreuse.

Now, that living room rug, which is actually just a folded yoga mat, needs to go.  It's a decent enough looking rug placeholder, but the material just isn't made to stand up to heavy foot traffic and it's beginning to pill and wear.

So here's the details:

*Given the roof situation, we are gonna have to do this on the cheap (<$120).  Yeah, I know.  Rugs don't come cheap.  However, has a wonderful selection of modern-looking rugs at unbelievable prices.

*My ideal would be a Navajo/Native American-style woven rug, but that likely isn't going to happen

*I'd like something retro-modern, with bold, but not necessarily bright, colors that go with the overall color scheme (if there actually is a real coherent color scheme, I'm not sure) in the room/house.

*Both patterns and solids are welcomed.

*I'd prefer something very textural like a jute, fiber, or kilim rug

*The rug should be somewhere between 3-5 feet in width and 5-8 feet in length.  Ideal size would be 4x6.

*I'd also like them to go with the kilim pillows that I plan to order.  They come in a variety of colors, but here's a couple examples:

I've also picked out a few (well, not really a few) options:

Personally, I think that I prefer numbers 7-11 (as if that narrows it down...), but I can't really make up my mind.  There's too many good options.  What do you think?  If you happen to know of any others that'd fit, I'm open to suggestions as well.


  1. 2 would likely tie in the mustard chair and the sofa best.

  2. #9 would be my choice

  3. With the pillows you selected I would go with #5 or #7 but I like #10 best for tying together the furniture color palette. I would also suggest you consider a larger rug size like 8x10 to really define the room and sit under the front legs of the furniture. You might also check out for some great carpet tiles that are reasonably affordable. It's going to look great - cheers- CT

  4. I really like #10 for pulling together all your colors. I also love #9. I have a 5x8 rug in front of my sofa, and find that it's wide enough to extend beyond the ends of the sofa and deep enough to put the front legs of the sofa on it and still have plenty of walking room between the coffee table and sofa, as well as plenty of rug on the other side of the coffee table. Depending on the width of your room, a 5x7 may be a good size. My living room is long and narrow (just a little over 11' wide), so an 8x10 is too big for my space.

  5. My choice would be 10, 3 or 2 in that order.

  6. Take a little trip up north here (Florissant) and drop by Old Time Pottery. They have cool looking rugs and bargain prices. Plus there's that Salvation Army right there too.

  7. Hmmmm. Thanks for the input. This is a tough one. Right now I think I'm leaning toward one of the Kilims (#8-10) or the red diamond jute (#7). I like #5 a lot too, but I think that it might be a little small. I wish I could see them in person before making a final decision.

    Might go check out Old Time too. Thanks Mr. Mod. I went to their website and prices seemed pretty reasonable.

  8. #1 or #8 all the way homie! I think #1 is more natural/desert-inspired, and #8 is more modern and graphic. I think it depends on whether you need to pump up the contrast in the room, or tone it down. Hard to tell from pics! The other rugs feel a little braided country to me (no offense!)

    By the way, the first blog I went to of the same name as yours plus a hyphen frightened me. Very much. SO, so relived that's not you!

  9. Yeah, I think that I'm gonna end up going with something graphic and modern. My place is a little too brown/taupe/beige at the minute and it needs more pop.