Monday, December 8, 2014

Going Mobile

Ugh, these shots are awful, but I'm posting from work without the DSLR, tripod, or decent lighting.

I figured that I'd begin sharing a few of the pieces that had made their way to the office.  That's right.  The furniture hoarding has now reached the point where the entire basement is filled and it has  spilled over into the plant.

Where better could we start than with this lovely Jens Risom credenza?

I've seen this series in a number of configurations, including with and without the vinyl top and with either wood or metal handles.  From the coloring and grain pattern, I'd assume that the wood is teak, which is a big plus for me as vintage teak pieces are so hard to come by in our area.

The vinyl could probably stand to be replaced, but is definitely serviceable.  I wonder if there's a teak top under there or if they used a cheaper fiberboard/unfinished top to reduce production costs.

I should probably look into selling this one on, but I'm in love with the sculptural handles, credenzas, and teak furniture in general.  Maybe we'll just wait and see if a spot opens up at home or if someone comes along with a nice piece looking for a trade.  I've been looking for a nice desk you know...


  1. Being able to spill over into the plant opens up a whole new world of possibilities, not to mention that it's going to be the coolest plant ever! You had me at Jens Risom. My Risom credenza is a prized piece.

  2. Found a great John Widdicomb in Nashville Tennessee this month designed by Burt England. Amazing desk.