Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rain, rain, go away!

The summer has taken a decided turn for the dreary, so Mr. Modtomic and I (and our respective ladyfriends) decided to take advantage of a break in the clouds and check out the Wentzville flea market.  We had a great time browsing, but neither left with bags overflowing.  There just wasn't a whole lot of Mid-Century Modern going on.

Still feeling the urge to splash some cash, I hit up a few thrifts and antique malls along the route back home and snagged a couple smalls, one of which was this pot/jar/thing.  My cooking is limited to a frying pan and a sauce pot, so I really have no idea when it comes to identifying types of cookware.

I couldn't recall the designer either, but knew that I'd seen the pattern in quite a few well-recognized decorating publications and decided to grab it just in case.  After a quick search, I found the renowned Finnish designer Kaj Franck and his mushroom-adorned enamelware for Finel.  My own piece is ceramic, but you can see the similarity and Franck was best known for his work with ceramics.  If it isn't a Franck, then its done by someone who totally ripped-off the look (not uncommon in this era).

Source: Etsy

Although, I don't know what this particular piece was designed to do or, for certain, who designed it, I do believe that it will make a wonderful container for my Turkish Delight and other assorted sweets.  My hope is that the Mushroom motif will deter snackers from finding my secret stash.


  1. I would call this a covered casserole dish or bean pot or possibly a dutch oven. I can't identify it but Mid Mod Mom found a similar plate that is on her blog this week and it is Georges Briard - she referenced how similar it was to Kaj Franck for Finel. Just a little more mystery to add to your find. Very cool no matter who designed it.

    1. Thanks for the info, Tigress. I'm glad that I'm surrounded by such a group of knowledgeable collectors.

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