Friday, September 2, 2011

Like an East St. Louis Don Draper

What's the best part about working at an old factory? Having an office that looks like it came straight off the set of Mad Men. Okay, it may be a bit run-down, but walking into this place is just like going back in time. It's a veritable mid-century treasure trove.

I even occasionally get to take a little something home, like this pair of Danish office chairs that belonged to my great grandfather.

Once again, there's no marks or tags, so identifying them might prove somewhat difficult, but they're in excellent condition.

I've also been eyeing up this Kroehler credenza. It'd go perfectly in the sunroom, don't you think?

I'll post pictures of the office sometime, but the girlfriend has gone back home to England and taken her cameras with her.


  1. The chairs look like Jaspers, and nice ones at that.

  2. Yep. They are! It took a while, but someone eventually posted a matching set on Craigslist a couple weeks back. They look great and have a lot of family history, so these ones are keepers.