Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All in all it's just another brick in the wall (unit).

Since the day I had a Broyhill room divider snaked out from under me on Craigslist (The seller promised to hold and I was on my way to pick it up.  Now it's in a certain retro shop down the street from me, listed at an exhorbidant price), I'd been on the look-out for a Danish-style room divider or wall unit.  Something about having all of those shelves and nooks for mid-century chotchkies really excites me.

Well, I'd found one in an estate sale listing for last Saturday, but abandoned it favor of a Sputnik chandelier.  It was a difficult choice and one that I was beginning to regret when I pulled up an hour late and saw everyone walking out with their shell chairs, bubble lamps, and the like.

Either the owners were hoarders or family members had brought their own junk to sell, because this place was PACKED full of mid-century stuff.  The wall unit was there too and it was a beauty: solid rosewood and finished on both sides.  A piece of masking tape with "Danish wall unit" written on it was hanging off the side but there was no price tag, so I assumed that it'd sold.  However, I decided to enquire about it on the way out.  It never hurts to ask.

Still available?!  Must be expensive...

It's super cheap?!  SOLD!

I tore that cash out of my wallet faster than you could bat an eyelid and disassembled the unit with the assistance of the very helpful staff.  They even helped me load it up the next day when I returned with the van.  They're a new company and I'll definitely be frequenting their sales in the future.

With that, my whole budget was blown, so I missed out on a pile of other treasures, a few of which were picked up by Mr. Modtomic.  However, after the Sputnik chandelier and the wall unit, I couldn't complain.

Please excuse the Googled photos below (source: openairmodern.com).  They're of the exact same item, but I don't have a camera at the moment.  I'll try and get some real photos when I set this baby up in the office.


  1. Where will the study furniture be going?

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  3. Great find! A wall unit is high on my wish list. Not that I have a good place for one, but that sure wouldn't stop me from snagging one if it comes along.

  4. Another one exactly like this just popped up on the St. Louis Craigslist if you are in the area.

  5. awesome find...how much did u shell out for that.. i saw on without the center piece :)

  6. Sudha - $250, much more than I was planning to spend, but a pretty solid deal for 8+ feet of rosewood shelving. I don't think that you could buy the materials for that.

  7. oh my...250 is neat for that piece. one without the center pieces was priced 500 here :)

  8. Mid-century stuff is, for whatever reason, dirt cheap in St. Louis.