Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let there be light

Well, the trip to Springfield was a bust, but I did manage to score a sweet Mid-Century Modern sofa. I'll start covering a few of my more recent finds once I have a camera again, but to hold you over here's a great set of ceramic lamps.

I'd been watching them on Craigslist for a few days and finally decided to pull the trigger. It's pretty surprising that they were still around as this type of thing usually gets snatched up pretty quickly and the price was definitely right.

After getting the address, I ended up at a rather nondescript antique mall in Valley Park. Given the style of the lamps, I assumed that there might be a few more MCM pieces inside, but was disappointed to find the usual antique store fare: piles and piles of country cottage "grandma stuff".

One thing that the seller failed to disclose was that these babies are HUGE (about 3 feet tall)! They do go nicely with the colors and the scale of the furniture in the dining room though. The "popcorn finish" also adds a really nice textural detail. I think I might hold onto them for a while.

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