Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fagas Straps? We don't need no stinking Fagas straps.

This Danish-style sofa was a Craigslist find. It's in decent shape, but the Fagas support straps have worn out. Instead of replacing them, the previous owner elected to cover the base with a rectangular piece of plywood, which sounds both hideous and painful to sit on, but isn't at all noticeable. It's still far more comfortable (and more stylish) than our holdover living room couch.

We considered re-covering the cushions, but the pattern grew on us after a while and it looks as if the original fabric is staying. I've also attempted to identify the piece, but, once again, couldn't find any marks or tags.

After loading our new purchase into the van, I spoke with the seller for a while and he showed me his fairly extensive collection of Mid-Century Modern furniture, which just so happened to include a black leather Plycraft lounge chair - the very same one that I had attempted to pick up the week prior!

We'd worked out a pick-up time and the guy with the chair promised to hold it until after I returned from work, but he never responded to any of my requests for his address. At least I now know that it has a good home.

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  1. I just figured it out... The yellow Plycraft needs to be in here. : )