Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I do love older homes, but boy they can be trying.

See those stairs at the back of the dining room?  They lead up to the master bedroom.  How am I supposed to get anything up those?  They're enclosed, steep, barely over a foot and a half wide, in a corner, and take a sharp turn right at the bottom.  I know that people/things were smaller in the 40's, but c'mon.

Once you get upstairs though, we do have an awesome master bedroom.  It's got tons of space (which is now being put to use as a storage/construction area due to the roof leak), but bedroom furniture just isn't going to happen.  I just about killed myself trying to lug that small Lane Acclaim coffee table up there, so I'd rather not attempt a credenza.  Therefore, we are going to need to find some sort of alternative storage arrangement.

I've been toying with the idea of building a fauxdenza to go along that wall facing the end of the bed (the one with the pitched ceiling).  The Brick House did a really good write-up on what seems like a fairly simple design, so I might give it a try. What do you all think? Fauxdenza or flat-pack?

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