Friday, September 16, 2011

So my policy doesn't cover roof leaks because they are considered floods. Do they cover damage incurred when I put my foot up their @*#?

Due to an unforeseen series of events, I've been super busy over the last few days and haven't had the time to put out a decent post.  Once we get everything in order, I should be back up and running again.

This weeks festivities included:
* A roof leak at the house that is neither covered by my homeowners insurance policy or my home warranty (my reaction illustrated below)
* Walking in on my co-worker and close family friend having a heart attack and then taking his responsibilities over at work while he is in the hospital
* An unexpected funeral
* 2 cars in the shop

What fun ...


  1. oh my ..hope things get better soon

  2. Jeezus...when it rains it pours. Welcome to home ownership. Sometimes it sucks. And how is a "roof leak" like a "flood"? Blood sucking insurance companies.

    BTW, didn't make it to any estate sales this morning.

  3. Sudha - Thanks for the condolences. The roof is a real pain, but roofs can be fixed and our real concern right now is that our guy recovers. Wish him luck.

    Mr Mod - I'm pretty sure that the entire insurance industry is nothing but a scam. There is ALWAYS something that prevents them from paying out on a claim. Right now I'm wishing that I'd gone with a newer home rather than an old brick one. They look nice, but there's so many problems.