Monday, September 26, 2011



5:30 AM is just never a good time to get ready on a Monday, especially when you've been up much too late the night prior.

A little background on me:  I'm a geek.  I build computers and play video games, silly things no grown man should do in his precious little free time.  However, I haven't had a chance to play in a good long while with everything going on at the house.

After last night, perhaps that's for the best.  I ended up picking up on my unfinished game of Fallout 3: New Vegas and the next thing I knew it was way, way, way past my bedtime.

Upside: I saved the Hoover Dam and destroyed a tribe of vicious slavers.

Downside: My whole body feels as if it was worked over with a hammer while I slept and I'm going to be completely useless for the rest of the day.

If you've never played Fallout 3, I highly recommend it.  Not only is it a solid game, but the whole thing is set in a retro-futuristic world that should appeal to any mid-century design enthusiast.  I couldn't really find any quality shots of the buildings or interiors (I guess most players are focused on the action rather than the design).  However, you may recognize a few pieces that were "inspired" by real-life Mid-Century Modern designs, such as the Heywood Wakefield M364-G TV table and Eames shell chairs.

Go ahead and give Fallout 3: New Vegas a try sometime.  Just keep an eye on your clock.


  1. Being a girl I am not too much into games but you come up with a totally untapped genre for a game creator. How about a game about nosing around estate sales or touring homes? Now that I could get into although I don't want to fight over stuff, I am too polite, LOL tho don't start digging in my basket of finds at the thrift store just because I left it on the table because it got to heavy to tote around! Grrr.

    But really, I suppose it would be more like Sims but I'd get into that.

    Give it a German option and I am in!

  2. Extreme Estate Saleing: - Hours of waiting followed by a few seconds seconds of madness. You could even make it a football type game where you get to tackle line-jumpers and door-blockers.

    People sure are serious about their estate sales. You should see how competitive they get!