Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm no Ansel Adams, but at least we have pictures

The office camera is back in my hands for a few days, so I thought I'd start working through my photo backlog.  Please excuse the poor shots.  Whenever I use the flash, the images come out looking terrible.  When I don't, there isn't enough light and they get blurry.  Some day I'll figure this thing out.

I acquired these Lane Acclaim tables over the course of two estate sales.  Oddly, both occured on the same day.  I'd been after a set for a good long while but couldn't find any at a reasonable price.  I even considered paying retail at the local antique mall!  Then, BAM, I was up to my neck in Acclaim (and for practically nothing).

The Acclaim line was designed for Lane by Andre Bus and released in 1963.  It went on to become one of the furniture-makers best sellers.  Take a look at those gorgeous contrasting faux dovetails and you can understand why.  I'd go into a bit more history here, but Jet Set Modern already has it pretty well covered.  They've got a whole page dedicated to Lane Acclaim, so check out the link.

The square coffee table made its way into the sunroom, grouped with the Danish sofa and chairs from the office, while the round one still waits for a home up in the unfinished bedroom. I believe that they are later models, as they have black painted ferrules rather than brass.

The two stepped end tables now sit in the living room.  They really work out great for those with a lot of reading material, as you can load up the bottom level with books and magazines and still have a place to set down your drinks (on a coaster of course), pictures, lamps, etc.

Don't they look great?  You just can't find well-designed, quality furniture like this any more.  And to think, they sold the Acclaim rectangular coffee table in 1963 for the equivalent of $160 today.

All of the pieces are in usable condition, but could use a bit of love.  When I get around to fixing them up, I'll make sure to document the process (If only so that you can learn from my mistakes).


  1. Very nice tables! I want to see more of that blue sofa with the wooden armrests! Looks Beautimus.

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  3. Thanks Becca! I'll have a little write-up on the sofa coming soonish

  4. Wish there was a way to edit comments on here.