Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Office Chairs, Revisited

Look what I found!

Source: Furnish Me Vintage

Do these chairs look familiar?  They should.

It looks as if I've finally identified the make of the pair of chairs from the office.  They didn't have any marks or tags and an I'd almost given up after a long, fruitless search of the internet.  I couldn't find anything at all until this week, when not one, not two, but three sets came up on Craigslist.

They were manufactured by the Jasper Chair Company, which was founded in 1921 and still operates out of Jasper, Indiana.  I perused their catalogue to see if they still had anything of interest, but they now just sell typically bland office furniture. 

When I first took them home, I didn't think to look for the cushions, as the, for lack of a better term, "butt groove" led me to believe that there wasn't any.   I'll have to check where they've run off to.

Does anyone else think that they look similar to the work of Hans Wegner?  They're really beautiful, well-made chairs.

Source: Life Interiors


  1. i too recently got a pair of gunlocke chairs in great condition :)

  2. Great chairs, like the profile on them

  3. Those chairs do look familiar... they're from Luckily for us the original baby blue vinyl was still in great condition. You just can't replicate something so genuinely charming. Thanks for finding us. Glad we could be of help in identifying your chairs!

  4. I found a set of 3 in an abandoned section of the Funeral Home I work for. Black vinyl cushions. They cleaned up nice.

  5. Just found almost the exact same chair in my alley today and rescued it from the snow. Still has the Jasper Chair sticker on it. Needs some work, but is quite strong and has a lot of potential. Very exciting to restore it.

  6. Just bought 2 EXACTLY like yours (wooden contoured seat, no cushion). Mine still have the paper labels on them American Chair Company. Haven't done much research yet, but looks like the company may have been from Sheboygan Wisconsin (so midwest like Jasper). I bought them from a dentist who got them from the PREVIOUS dentist who had practiced back in the 50's.