Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wish List Part 1: The Kitchen

Man, January just flew by.  It seems like the year only just started and here we are in February.

You've seen my 2012 to-do list for the house, but I thought I'd also start on a list of items I'd like to pick up throughout the year as well.

Part 1: The Kitchen

1. Blown glass succulent terrarium

source: Shelterness (I believe this is The Brick House)

2. Saarinen Tulip/Noguchi Cyclone-style kitchen table

source: Treadway Gallery
source: Office Designs

3. Eames shell/Bertoia wire-style chair (x2)

source: St. Houzz

source: Blogspot - Room Lust

source: Knockaround

4. Scandinavian dinnerware (Ikea 365+ - $29.99 18pc set)
source: Ikea

5. Scandinavian flatware (Ikea Lärd - $24.99 20pc set)
source: Ikea

6. Scandinavian glasses (Ikea Svalka - $4.99 6pc set)
source: Ikea

7. Bamboo placemat (Ikea Toga - $1.99)
source: Ikea

8. A trash can that doesn't look terrible (much harder to find and more expensive than one would think)
source: Amazon


  1. Great choices, all. I've always thought the Noguchi cyclone table deserves more attention than it gets. It's one of my favorites. I love those terrariums. I'll have to check them out. Have you seen the air plant terrariums by seaandasters on Etsy? I really like those too.

  2. Go out and find your own glass. Bowood farms in the CWE has a very thorough amout ot terrarium supplies. The last two i made were from a 5 gallon glass jug from an antique mall and another from a beer growler from a brewery.

  3. Number 2, both of them, are also on my wish list.
    I always believe the old cliche- be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. ( :

  4. Dana - The Cyclone is amazing, but I'll take anything similar. Right now I have a cheapo craftsman-style pub table/chair set in the kitchen and it doesn't really fit in with the space. I actually saw the air plants/terrariums on your blog and really liked them. Now I need a few of my own :)

    John - Thanks for the tip! I'll go have a look at Bowood sometime. Are they fairly inexpensive? I'm looking for something with an interesting shape.

    Lo-tech - Love them both, so I wouldn't be too disappointed if I ended up with too many kitchen tables (as if that can happen).

  5. Bowood has the plants and the soil, its resonable.

  6. You should check out Screaming MiMi's in Maplewood. My friends just opened the shop this past weekend. Kate makes terrariums and they are VERY reasonable... They have air plants too!! Plus, you could grab your girlfriend a great Valentine present while you are there!! :)

    2718 Sutton, Maplewood, MO 63143

  7. Alli- Thanks! I just so happen to live right down the street from there. I'll make sure to pay them a visit.