Sunday, January 29, 2012


I know.  I know!  You are probably all sick to death of rugs, but I went to the girlfriend to speak about the purchase, and now I'm more confused than ever.  This whole decision has been taking far more time and energy than necessary, and I think I've figured out why.

I've got conflicting ideas of how I want the place to look!

On the one hand, I really the look of an eclectic mix of antique/vintage and modern, more of a typical european style.  It's super classy, grown-up, and sophisticated.  It also matches well with my current home, a 1940's gingerbread-style with a lot of beiges, browns, and other earth tones as well as antiqued brass hardware.  If I went this route, I'd probably need to pick a flat-woven kilim rug in a more muted rust, beige, or black, a natural-colored jute, a natural-colored shag, or a cowhide.  Obviously, I'd also need a more traditional pattern or solid as well.

On the other hand, the typical Mid-century Modern style look also appeals to me.  It's a bit more "kitsch", funky, and fun. As far as rugs go, I could use something more modern with brighter colors and bold patterns.  It might go a bit better with the teal sofa and chartreuse chair too.

I've never been a very stylish/artsy person (at all), so I think that by starting out with a set list of rugs that I'd put together and checking a few off, I kind of limited myself.  I need some input from my keen-eyed, fashionable readers, who are likely far better at this sort of thing than me.

Of course, both of the rugs that were picked last time around are still solid options...

... but lets see what you all can find.  What type of rug do you think I should go with (material/color)?  What works with my space?  If you feel up to having a look around (bonus cool points), I have a budget of about $140 and the rug needs to be around 5x8 in size. is a great place to start.  They have a huge selection of low-priced and stylish rugs.  Who knows, you might even find one for you like for your own place!

Here is my abode as it stands:

Go crazy folks!  Thanks for all of your help!


  1. I have a bunch of links for you. Email me at and I'll send them to you.

  2. Thanks Dana! I've never really had the "designers touch", so things like this are sometimes far more difficult than they should be. It's great to have creative and helpful readers such as yourself. If you ever need any advice regarding animal by products, I'm your man lol.

  3. So you are the Nick that snagged those chairs and couch at the st charles goodwill. Nice

  4. That's me! It's a small world, isn't it. I was gonna give that Goodwill a pass, as I've been quite a few times and never found anything. Good thing I decided to take a quick look.

  5. Oh my word. You summed up the cause of your indecisiveness right there. It's hard to decorate without a vision of how you want a place to end up. I think you did start with a clear vision, then when you went out to get a slate grey/neutral couch for the living room and came home with teal it all began to go to pot. You have some great pieces of furniture now, which in my opinion lend themselves perfectly to a more neutral European style. To be frank, I may be biased there but either way both of these ideas are polished, well thought out and staged to the nth degree. There is a clear colour palette that the owners have kept too with all of the images you posted above. Perhaps today you could look out some pictures and tonight I can create a colour palette for you on photoshop. Something like this: Don't buy anymore accent items until you have figured out the colours you want to draw together in a room... P.S Why do we have two 3-piece suites in the sunroom?

  6. My family has always had mid century furniture but both my parents and my grandparents always went with southwest native american rugs. They always complimented the furniture very well. In my house, though it is not completely mid century furniture and decor, I have serbian rugs that are heirlooms. They tend to go very well too. I think anything that is slightly geometic and/or colorful will work.

  7. Hey Nick, my vote is for a cowhide, or hold out for a beautiful vintage rug on craigslist. The cowhides you can get here in town @ Tandy Leather, and just about $60 over your budget. The cowhides I are more on the classic side of things, and higher quality than another store bought rug in your price range. The cowhides can also be hosed off outside to clean them, they repel stains and have a nice organic shape. I have 4 of them in my house and love them all. I also have a couple of Turkish rugs one found at a thrift store and one at a flea market, both under $40. I also purchased a pair of goat leather and river reed vintage rugs of craigslist each $35. I feel that all of these rugs have a classic look to them, and any rug that I purchased from a big box store is no longer around. If you can wait and keep an eye on Tandy they have their cowhides go on sale, for 50% off. I think you need not rush the purchase and find something that as soon as you see it you know you can't go without.

  8. wish i had a rug suggestion for you, but i don't at the moment. i can tell you that you and your gf have amazing style. love the eclectic mix. hurry up a get that sputnik light up so we can see it in action :) !

  9. Lara - I'd love to stick a Navajo-style rug in the living room! Unfortunately, so would everyone else. They are in high demand and cost BIG bucks. They're so gorgeous though *sigh*. Never seen a Serbian rug before. I'll have to go check them out!

    Hannah - I saw your lovely cowhides. They look great! Can't believe that I didn't think of this, but I work in the meatpacking industry, so maybe someone at the office might be able to get ahold of a cheap fur-on cowhide! I especially like the "exotic" and "brindle" varieties. If I can find a source, perhaps I could start a little rug business on the side.

    Rachael - Thanks for the compliments. I do my best, but I'm nowhere near as good at this interior decorating thing as many of the bloggers on here. I'm just too right-brained! There's so many talented people out there who make it look effortless and easy.

    Dana - Got your message! I'm gonna have a look over them on lunch break. I did see that diamond jute though, and it's lovely! Definitely in the top tier.

  10. Oh, and that sputnik will hopefully be in the dining room soonish. It had a lot of corrosion, most of which came off, but it left a few pits, a bit of scarring, and there is some discoloration from the abrasive. Might see if I can take it to a lamp place and get it repaired, but I don't really know much anything about how/where to repair one of those things and how much it would cost.

  11. Your house is gorgeous and you have collected such beautiful things! I think something organic and imprecise like the cowhide, or something slightly muted that incorporates a warm semi-neutral would soften the look a bit and be less literal than the stark contrasts and angles.

  12. your place is a beautiful blend of vintage and what works with them...i m in awe!!!!!!!!!! i have to share these and a few close up shots of the house and its contents!! anytime u think u wanna share..shoot me an email

  13. Thanks Sudha! I've got a to-do list beforehand so that the place at least looks at least somewhat presentable.
    *Move grandma's "country antique" corner cabinet out of the office and to a new home
    *Move Danish wall unit into office
    *Pick up a couple lamps, pictures, and small decor items
    *Get new rug and pillows for kitchen
    *Pick up new duvet, linens, pillows, and blanket for bedroom
    *Install sputnik lamp

    After that, we should be OK to go for pictures. My girlfriend is coming back soon with the good camera, so we'll get some for you when she is over!

  14. Kim - I think so too. I'm leaning towards a cowhide right now. The jute is nice, but stains too easily and doesn't clean well apparently and the Kilim rugs are just a bit out of my price range. I might be able to pick one up through work. Unfortunately, my girlfriend hates anything that involves skin or fun, so I'll have to hide it away when she is here.

  15. Whatever the outcome DONT GET A (mostly) BLACK RUG! I have white pine floors in the den, and since the sofa is black vinyl I though a retro looking black rug would match perfectly. It does, but boy is it a B$#*h to keep it looking cleen. IT SHOWS EVERYTHING! I think if you got a "nutral" colored Jute rug, it could work well with what you have, and go either way witht he two bidding styles. With all your nice dark wood danish furniture i'd think that would be the way to go. Hope this helps!

  16. Personally, I'm not a fan of rugs. Love the look of them but I've always had trouble with keeping them in place (even with rug grippy stuff) and when they get dirty they are impossible to clean. So for my room with a rug I went with Flor tiles. They are awesome! They stay in place and if one gets dirty you can pick it up and wash it out in the sink and you can also vacuum right over them. They have a ton of styles to choose from. I've had mine down for more years than I can remember and with 3 kids and a dog they still are going strong. This one might look good in your room:
    If you go that route order an extra tile or two so you can swap out when one is dirty.