Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back to the grind

Christmas turned out pretty well this year (all house-related issues aside).  It's always wonderful to spend some quality time with the family, eat 'till you're about to burst, and celebrate.

The presents don't hurt either.

Guess what!  I finally got my very own digital camera courtesy of the girlfriend (Thank you)!  Now I can hopefully update a little more regularly.  

I'll start with this little beauty.

It's a Smith-Corona Galaxie Deluxe, which I picked up for a song at Goodwill a few weeks ago.

With its retro powder blue and cream frame and stylized logo, it's quite the looker.  It comes with a locking carrying case as well.

From the look of it, I don't even think it's ever been touched by human hands.  Everything is in pristine condition.  Even the tape holding the packing foam is undisturbed, and there isn't one single scratch or mark on the entire thing.  Pretty cool!

Now I just have to keep my girlfriend from running off back to England with it.  I've seen her eyeing it up.


  1. That is so cool! I've been reading I Dream Lo-Tech's blog for quite some time, and I'm fascinated by his collection of vintage typewriters and his typecasts. Now you post this beauty! I swear the two of you are going to turn me into a typewriter collector yet.

  2. They're really fun and add a lot of vintage flair. We actually still use typewriters at work too, though I don't know if I could send this little guy to the factory. He's too pretty.

  3. Hey Nick! This typewriter brought back such memories.... my mom and dad gave me one exactly like it (well mine was light green) as a graduation present from high school. (that would be 1970) I used it to type all those college papers. I don't remember what became of mine, but it's nice to see this one has found a good home.

  4. Wow, it was clearly never touched! I love your desk by the way. I am in the need for one but havent found one I love yet!

  5. Thanks Lara! Just keep looking. It'll come eventually.