Monday, December 5, 2011


I managed to dig up a few more pictures of the office this morning.  For a meatpacking plant, this place looked pretty classy.  I guess just about everything did back then.  Not many people could pull off a blood/meat covered t-shirt, jeans, and packer hat, but my grandpa sure did.

Notice the barware in the corner?  Yeah, I think that might be frowned upon these days.

Time was, a man could have a drink at lunch or in meetings, but nowadays if you so much as thought about having a sip, you'd have lawyers up your you-know-what so fast that you wouldn't know what hit you.

Some might call this an improvement, but personally, I think it made people tough, responsible, and independent.  If you've got some bureaucrat in an office somewhere making all of your decisions for you, what incentive do you have to do your own thinking?

Anyways, the office still looks pretty similar, as if it's been frozen in time.  Believe it or not, we still write up everything using those typewriters.  Talk about a mid-century collector's dream.


  1. So cool that pictures of the office have survived all these years!

  2. cool that ur grandfather

  3. It all depends on the line of work. Business lunches are never a t total occasion in London.

  4. I studied the top picture very carefully, and it seems the only thing missing in that picture is an ashtray on the desk. Or am I just missing it?

  5. Mick - See that miniature shotgun? That's actually attached to an ashtray. Possibly the manliest ashtray ever.

  6. You like Mid Century stuff, skyrim, and live in Saint Louis?

    Can we be friends?