Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A little Wednesday morning Coffey

This Kent Coffey Perspecta dining set, another Craigslist find, may just become a permanent fixture in my abode.

Seriously, that china cabinet is one solid piece and weighs about a ton and a half.  It wouldn't even fit in my capacious minivan, so I had to borrow the neighbors truck to transport it here in two trips.  After that fiasco, I'm not planning on moving it any time soon.

Good thing I'm a Perspecta fan.  The overall design is pretty similar to Broyhill's Brasilia line.  However, I think that the Kent Coffey is slightly more subdued, which can be a positive when you are attempting to mix styles (in my case a Craftsman-era home with Art-deco, Craftsman, and Mid-century Modern furnishings).  I've paired the set in the dining room with my Brasilia gentleman's chest and they're a match made in heaven.  I especially like the chairs, with their cat-eye slats.

The only part that I'm not digging (other than moving that cabinet) is the table.  The scale and style seem off.  Why would one pair a tiny 4-person dining table with that huge china cabinet?  Yes, there are leaves which would extend it by about a foot, but they're missing some veneer and I really don't want to cover up that lovely wood grain with a table cloth.  It may just be me, but the table legs also give off a bit of a nautical vibe.

I also noticed that this was another Lammerts purchase.  It seems like everything Mid-century Modern in St. Louis came out of that shop.


  1. Beautiful find! I love Perspecta. Kent-Coffey manufactured a quality product.

  2. Yes they did. Much better than the particle board stuff you'll find in the stores today.

  3. This doesn't look like the matching table to the set. The base appears totally wrong, but I've never seen so who knows? The china and chairs are killer though!

  4. It certainly doesn't look like it, but it sure is. Mr Modtomic had a similar, but longer one a while back.

    The style of the table just kind of clashes with everything else.

  5. This is an old post, I know--but I just found this exact same china cabinet on Craigslist myself today! Now I know what I have (I'm a mid/mod fan, but know my dinnerware better than my furniture makers). Mine is a bit banged up, but with some TLC, we'll have it in great shape in no time.
    Thanks for letting me know what I have! (And I paid only 50 dollars for it!)