Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm back!

What a week!  My muscles have atrophied and my eyes have grown sensitive to bright light but this Dragon-born is ready for his triumphant return to the real world.

Ok, I'll stop with the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim references (But seriously, go pick this game up right now!).

In order to get back into the swing of things, I've decided to take up yoga again.  I participated in a class several years ago and really enjoyed it, so we'll see how that goes.

In other news, my fellow blogger Kate over at Retro Ranch Revamp, posted this fantastic retro-modern lamp yesterday.  You can click the link to read more about it, but long-story-short, there's a small start-up, Caravan Pacific, that is collecting money over at Kickstarter so that they can begin production.  They call it the Alberta, but I'm going to refer to it as the Lamp of +10 Coolness (OK, that's the last one.  I promise.)

Source: Retro Ranch Revamp

When I saw it, I couldn't believe my eyes.  It looks almost exactly like the mid-century lamp that I've pursued for the last several months!

source: Christina @ PMV

This is the only picture that I could scrounge up online, but these things pop up all the time on Craigslist in St. Louis.  I'm just NEVER off of work early enough and they go practically as soon as they're posted.

In all honesty, I actually like the reproduction more, as the extra weight on the bottom makes it appear a bit more visually balanced.  However, the repro goes for $275, which is way, way out of my price range.

Can anyone ID this lamp? I can't find anything, but they must have been fairly popular if they're popping up so frequently.

By the Nine Divines, I must have one! (Help!  I can't stop myself)


  1. a lovely lamp nick...i too could never score one on craigslist...they disappear as soon as they are posted :)

  2. Spotted this one on Craigslist for 18 just this morning... Not as heavy on the bottom but super close...


  3. Has the same lines and look of a couple of Quartite lamps I've had from the late 50's. These are usually marked in the plaster close to the base...

  4. Sudha - Same here. The lamps seem to be a pretty hot item right now. It's too bad that I didn't get into the MCM collecting game a few years back.

    Alli- Great find! Did you grab it?

    A Modern Line - I haven't found any info on this particular lamp yet, but I did go back and take a look at the other pair I found a few weeks ago. Guess what? They're Quartite! The mark is almost imperceptible, so if you hadn't told me where to look, I probably would have missed it. Thanks!

  5. No I didn't get it... I do NOT need any more lamps (or chairs)... Go for it!!! :)

  6. Cool lamp... my problem is I can never find them in pairs. I already have the lone lamp of my dreams. As for the Skyrim one-liners... i'm still playing Oblivion.