Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

It's my birthday!

For one whole day, I can do anything my heart desires .... 

... which will include going to work, sleeping off this barbecued beef hangover, and playing some Battlefield 3.  I don't know how I'll manage all of the excitement.

While I may be a boring old man, some people like to go all-out.  Take a gander at these mid-century modern cakes.  Personally, I could go for a slice of that Barcelona.

 Source: Weddingbee

Source: Getmod 

 Source: midcenturymodernfurniturethenandnow

Source: Obsessilicious

Source: victoriaoya


  1. wow..a very happy bday to i have a fellow scorpion on the blogland :) mine was on the 3rd ..

    have a great year ahead :)

  2. Happy birthday, Nick! Hope you recover from the beef hangover. Those ribs looked worth the suffering!

    I love the Barcelona cake too. I can't quit looking at the first photo though. As expensive as Vitra miniatures are, surely no one bought them to stick on top of a cake. I'm wincing at the thought of icing all over the wood base of the La Chaise.

  3. Happy Birthday, hope your battle goes well!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! A day late!!!

  5. Sudha - Happy birthday to you too!

    Dana - Obviously someone with more money than sense. Even if I had the money, I could never bring myself to throw down a few mortgage payments worth of cash on miniatures to stick on a cake.

    Bop, Alli - Thanks

  6. .. for the birthday wishes. Sorry, it cut me off there.