Tuesday, May 6, 2014


So, I was doing my regular Craigslist crawl a while back and feeling in a total c-list rut.  Things were slow, real slow.  The St. Louis MCM furniture market just isn't what it used to be.  Then I decided to change it up and visit a few of the less-frequented sections and try to ferret out any hidden gems.

I get to the "free" page and, as usual, it's all junk: broken treadmills, used mattresses, tube televisions...

wait, wait....


I know that shape.


Yes, a free Broyhill Brasilia buffet and hutch, though you might have noticed something different about it.

Namely, the healthy dose of matte black paint that some amateur decided to give it.  Ugh.

When will people learn?  Expensive, well-designed wood furniture and paint should never mix.

With all of those curves and nooks, saving this one was going to be beyond me.  Fortunately, it found a new home and capable hands which should be able to restore it to its former glory.


  1. Paint and bizarre fabric choices...You just have to shake your head and wonder what people are thinking when they do some of these things.

  2. i know what you mean..wood and paint are always a no no...i hate it when people paint wonderfully made wooden furniture and decide to make it their "own"

  3. Yep, and it is a pain in the butt to get it off. Especially on something with as many crevices and hard to reach areas as Brasilia.

  4. Sights like this make me want to kick Pintrests ass. Seriously?!

  5. So sad. I just decided to paint over a Hey Wake nightstand I found ages ago when I was still in STL. They were painted some ugly beige color that just didn't want to come off. So I painted one black and gave away the other (I know, blasphemy...but they were beyond my capabilities. Maybe if I had a house and garage.)