Saturday, May 31, 2014

Light of My Life

Hey! I'm back with more Mid-Century Modern finds.

This time we've got a really stunning walnut and brass lamp from Modeline, a company well-known for their large, sculptural, Danish-style lighting.  It's one of my favorite recent finds and one that I'd had my eye on for years.

The center pole, base plate, pull, and edges are all polished brass while the "fins" and base are carved walnut.  I'd imagine that this thing took quite a lot of effort to put together.  

The shade is in perfect condition as well, which is quite rare.  Often the heat given off by the bulb would singe the shade, turning it dark and brittle.

As gorgeous as this thing looks during the day, it really needs to be switched on at night in order to be truly appreciated.  In a darkened room, it transforms into a spectacular, glowing space-age tower of light.


  1. It's beautiful, Nick. Congratulations on such a great find.

  2. Great lines...thanks for sharing!

  3. Great lines...thanks for sharing!

  4. Greatttt! And i LOVE your wall hanging!

  5. This is probably one of my favorite finds so far. Most of my MCM stuff is pretty conservative, so this really amps up the space age modernist feel of the place.

  6. Gorgeous, I have never seen one in real life!