Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Day

I was hoping to get back home and post a few pictures from my Christmas vacation, but apparently Old Man Winter had other ideas.  St. Louis got walloped with 10-14 inches of the white stuff, a wind chill dipping below -30, and gusts of near 40 mph!  Not exactly optimal landing conditions.  On the up-side, I get to spend the day(or days, depending upon the weather) lazing around in my velvety new bath robe and eating holiday candy.  I might need to leave that suitcase behind and pick up some larger pants upon my return if this trip goes on much longer.


  1. When you get stuck somewhere due to conditions out of your control it's always best to just give over to it and keep a positive attitude!

  2. Yay Midwest Winters! *deep sigh* stay warm!

  3. I'm back! We ended up with 14 inches of snow and another 3 inches fell after my return. I've got a lot of digging to do.