Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mod UK Part 3

Here's collection of pictures from our visit to the Battlesbridge Antique Centre just outside of London.  You all wouldn't believe this place.  It's a collection of independent antique malls nearly the size of a whole village!  Most of the items are your standard Euro antique mall fare, but there's a healthy dose of Mid-Mod mixed in.  The scenery isn't too bad either.


My legs still ache thinking about all of the walking we did!  If you didn't move at a quick pace, you'd be hard-pressed to go through the shops in one day.

Afterwards we stopped off for a well-deserved lunch.  Man, I love those Tesco sandwiches.  




  1. That looks like an amazing and overwhelming slice of heaven. Or maybe a little slice of hell since it would be torturous to see all that stuff and not be able to bring it home! Hope you enjoyed your UK adventure. I love seeing what thrifting is like across the pond. Cheers - CT

  2. That had to be so much fun! And you're right about the scenery. Even if you couldn't take a truckload home, you got the enjoy the picturesque surroundings.

  3. There's an overflow of good stuff here, thanks for sharing. Always nice to see thrifting in different parts of the world.