Monday, January 28, 2013

I swear, I'm not sponsored by Verichron

By now you probably know what one of these boxes means.  It's time for another George Nelson replica clock!

I've got a turbine clock in the bedroom and multiple spike clocks throughout the rest of the home, so in the interest of broadening my geometric horizons, I decided on the ball clock in BRIGHT yellow.

Like most of the other Verichron / Kirch / Control Brand replicas that I've brought home in the past, the quality was sufficient enough and the details like size and shape are generally spot-on.  It isn't going to fool the hardcore collector, but you get a very close approximation of the original for a small, small fraction of the cost

This one does have a label, unlike the spike clocks.  However, Verichron was kind enough to place it on the rear rather than the face (one of my complaints about their spindle clock)

So there you have it, another Nelson replica clock variety covered.  I may run out of walls before I get to all of these!


  1. I love the bright yellow! Good choice.

  2. I hadn't seen a yellow one. That's so cheery!

  3. I've bought them from Fab and the Foundry. I even found a couple at Marshall's. They are nice quality for the price and most can't tell that they're modern examples hanging next to my vintage ones.