Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Summer Never Ends

Hey guys.  It's me again.  Just thought I'd pop in with an few updates now that we're heading into Fall.

The great St. Louis MCM drought of 2014 continues unabated, but I've still managed to ferret out a couple of goodies this summer.  Strangely, they've all been either Architectural Pottery-style planters or Modeline lamps, both of which were relatively hard to come by in years past.


I'll begin with the smaller of the three planters.  Obviously "inspired" by the work of famed ceramicist LaGardo Tackett and his Architectural Pottery line, this piece attempts to mimic the Vessel S2 planter and MS-4 stand specifically.  

I'm unsure what purpose these markings on the bottom serve, but I'd wager that they are meant to cover the original manufacturer's mark and that the seller buys the planters wholesale, makes their own stands, and then sells them at a much higher price with the Architectural Pottery name attached on Ebay.   Whatever its providence, I'm fairly certain that it is not authentic Tackett and I managed to talk the seller down to a not-so-Architectural-Pottery price.

Those of you who share my love of modernist planters will know all too well how rare, and expensive, they are, so I was extraordinarily pleased to add this one to my collection.  I remain hopeful that larger retail outlets like Home Depot and Lowes will eventually pick up on this trend (like they did with sputnik chandeliers) and release something similar at a much more reasonable price.  I'm all for keeping our dollars here supporting American businesses, but I'm fairly certain that there's a bit of price gouging going on in the modernist planter market and a great opportunity for somebody to muscle in.  Get on it, guys!

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