Thursday, March 14, 2013

What a crock

Good things almost always seem to come in multiples, just like this vintage West Bend ceramic bean crock.

I haven't made as many thrift shop stops as usual lately.  A hectic schedule and the mother of all colds have kept me away, but when I do get out I've been on a crazy West Bend streak.  My last three trips have turned up two of these crocks as well as another penguin hot/cold.  All came from different shops and on different days.  How strange is that?

I really like the graphic design and the flecked cream glaze, though I can't figure out what the fork and measuring cup motif have to do with beans.  Multiple listings have this same piece paired with a set of mini-crocks and an electric warmer, so I guess it must be.

Source: Etsy

That isn't all that came home either.  I snagged that last crock on my way to meet someone selling a certain very comfy something that I'll be sharing soon, so stay tuned.

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