Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Clipped Wings

Wow!  It's been a whirlwind week here once again.  

We had a deadly round of storms blow through the St. Louis area several weeks back, and, fortunately, the house (with its brand-new roof) was spared.  However, the plant wasn't so lucky.  Looking back at the security footage, it's amazing that nobody was hurt as baseball-sized hail quite literally tore the place to pieces. Who knew that hail could go through a tin roof?

The last few days have been a frantic blur as we've performed  hasty repairs, documented damage, gathered bids, and dealt with insurance claims.  All fun stuff, for sure.

With so much to write about and so, so, so little time, I'm gonna clear out the backlog and tie up a few loose ends.  So, I'll be covering some of the mid-mod items that you might have seen in the background on other posts, but which haven't received a proper write-up of their own.  

 Recognize this guy (that outdated living room shot makes me realize just how much has changed around here lately)?  

Yep, that's another Artisan House by Curtis Jeré sculpture/wall decoration.  I find some of the Jeré stuff kinda tacky, but LOVE the seagull series.  That man, or rather those two men, Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels, for whom Curtis Jeré was a shared pseudonym, really did have a strange affection for seagulls.

Source: Ebay

What seagulls?  Oh, here they are... or would have been if the previous owner hadn't gone wild with a pair of tin snips.

This appears to be a fairly common modification though and I've seen several like it.  Perhaps seagull themed decor went out of vogue?

I'm sorta glad they did.  With the Birds in Flight up on the dining room wall, it would have been a little too much seagull action for me.  I'm not trying to run a brass wildlife reserve here.


  1. Sorry to hear about the damage to the plant but glad your new roof was spared.

    I'm convinced that Artisan House must have carried a high end line of wall art, along with a lighter weight, cheaper line that I too think was pretty tacky.

    1. I think so too, Dana. I've seen quite a few which used smaller gauge and cheaper metals that feel really cheap. They're nothing like the quality pieces, which are really heavy, more refined design-wise, and well put together.

  2. Hey, I think those are geese, not gulls. The necks seem too long for seagulls! (At least that's what I tell people when they ask about my piece!)

    Glad to hear your new roof survived! Sorry to hear about the plant. :(

    1. You're correct. Never really noticed, but those are geese. I guess these were made for us in-land folks.

      At least we've got insurance on the plant! Needed to be replaced anyway.