Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome to the new blog!

Well, I'd planned on starting this thing months ago, but you can see how that went.

Just to get you all up to speed, I recently finished graduate school and landed my first long-term, "big boy" job. Everything was finally starting to calm down, and I, for once, had some free time and money. This was the life that I'd been waiting for: no papers, no studying, paid work, few responsibilities. However, It turns out that I'm a masochist, and instead of traveling or taking on a hobby, I chose to purchase a house.

In this market, one might assume that finding a suitable property would be a snap. Not so! It took several months of complete dedication and no small amount of blood, sweat, and tears. My girlfriend and I must have viewed over 40 houses, much to the joy of our real estate agent. We finally settled on a 1940's 1 1/2 story brick "gingerbread" in southwest St. Louis, but then came the bidding and the paperwork. Oh the paperwork ...

Looking back, I likely underestimated the amount of time and resources this undertaking would consume, but I don't regret it one bit. I'm going to make this house a home.

I apologize in advance for any spelling or grammar errors.  I'm a perfectionist, so if I were to sit and edit my posts, it would take all day and end up being no fun.  I also claim no expertise in Danish and Mid-Century design.  I'm just a man on a mission to have a stylish looking home on the cheap.

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