Monday, August 29, 2011

We all have to start somewhere

Well, it turns out that the only thing more tiring and overwhelming than purchasing a new house is actually moving in (an ongoing project even now, 2 months later).

With the help of a few family members (Thanks guys!) I managed to pack and unload most of my worldly possessions and give my humble abode a cursory cleaning before the girlfriend arrived and gave it her seal of approval. However, it turned out that what filled a small 2 bedroom apartment left a 3 bedroom house feeling somewhat vacant. The lack of window dressings also made for an interesting trip from the shower to the bedroom every morning.

Time for some shopping, right?

But wait ... as with all of my endeavors, I may have gone a bit overboard in the planning stage. Over the next several days, I developed a design plan, complete with sketches, 3D models, and color charts. You see, I've always dreamed of designing my own home, and this was my big opportunity to start from scratch.

The girlfriend was, at first, not convinced. She is more of an English Country girl and I'd gone full Mid-Century Modern. However, I eventually won her over with my charm (or perhaps just my eagerness and persistence). Now all that was left was to ... well ... actually buy everything.

As you can see, the house is Craftsman era (as pointed out by Mr. Modtomic), but I think that the two styles blend well together.

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  1. Hi N.

    Just thought I'd drop by and see what ya got going on so far. I'd say your place is more Craftsman than Art Deco. Look toward Frank Lloyd Wright and Russel Wright (just a coincedence I'm pretty sure) for inspiration. You're gonna have a lot of fun filling your joint with treasures. It was a pleasure meeting you at the estate sale.