Tuesday, February 25, 2014


The last of the winter vacation photos are here.  Just look at all that gorgeous modernist stuff.  Oh, and there's another super cheap teak Danish credenza (tear).  Looking through these makes me want to jump back on that plane and find a way to haul it all over here (including the cider).  Until next year...

Next up, I'll show you all what I did manage to bring back.  No, there's no credenzas, but I did get a hold of plenty of cool things.


  1. So sad to have to leave all those great things behind! Joe had to leave a lot of stuff behind on his trip too. His transmission went out while he was still on the east coast, and he ended up buying a vehicle and missing out on the Midwest leg of his trip. After spending a lot of his time and a good bit of his money trying to get the truck deal worked out, he missed out on all the great things in your neck of the woods...plus some good dinner conversation. Next time!

    1. That's a shame. Sounds like a real ordeal. Hopefully the next trip out makes up for it.