Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Peek

Ever wonder what's in that Brasilia gentleman's cabinet sitting in the dining room corner?

Well, until recently you'd have found it stuffed with nothing but boring old pencils, paper, and other various office supplies.

Such contents aren't befitting of a cool atomic era cabinet like that now, are they?

So, I cleared it all out and filled it back up with something a little more exciting.


I'm not much of a drinker, but having an assortment of alcoholic beverages on-hand is sure to liven up a house party.

And the drinks will look wonderful in my growing collection of Dorothy Thorpe-style glasses, many of which were just received as an early Christmas present from a friend.  Just the other day I was kind of bummed out that I broke one of my original set of six roly poly glasses, so this was the perfect gift.  Thanks guys!

Oh, and I also stocked up on another Mid-Century Modern furniture collector's essential: COASTERS!  

So, if I ever get around to hosting that Atomic Era party (which was originally planned for this summer, jeeze), we're all set!

PS - If anyone needs any Christmas ideas, I sure wouldn't mind a suitably atomic/kitch/retro/googie bar tray, bar towels, ice tongs, drink shakers/mixers, or a set of Fred Press fish glasses ;)


  1. Looks fantastic...the new cabinet/bar and all the rest!

  2. I've always liked that Brasilia of yours, you've certainly found a great use for it.

    1. Thanks Ton. Now I need somebody to teach me to mix up a good drink.

  3. Great repurposing of a sweet piece. You've managed to get a lot in there using the configuration!

    1. They were originally meant for clothing, but a gentleman's chest sure makes an excellent bar.

  4. I use my brasilia gentleman's chest to store my sweater collection...but I do have a brasilia buffet in the dining room full of barware and booze.... :)