Monday, September 3, 2012

Separated at Birth

I knew something cool awaited me when Mr. Mod texted, "Have you seen the desk," after I mentioned that I was stopping by the Green Shag.  However, I wasn't quite prepared for this:

Could it be?  Could my previously unidentified credenza have found its long lost partner?


The family resemblance certainly is strong.  I'm not sure who runs this booth, but I did buy the desk off a Mid-Mod collector.  Perhaps this is her setup and the desk in question is the other half of the very same set!

For sure, it's an exciting mystery, but the price and scale of the piece means that these two will likely continue on their separate paths.  Maybe one day the stars will align and they'll chance upon each other again.

 However, one mystery is solved.  The desk, unlike my credenza, sported a label.  It's from the Castilian line by the Alma Desk Company.

The more you know...


  1. That's very cool. They really do look like siblings...or first cousins, at the very least. I love a solution to a long-standing mystery!

  2. i have both the desk and credenza at my office...and i am looking to sell them.