Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update: 1520 Carman Road, 63021

We've received more than a few inquiries about the modern home at 1520 Carmen Road, most wondering if it would meet the same fate as so many of the older homes in the area and be torn down to make room for more McMansions. Well, it looks like there is a glimmer of hope. I received a message from the (likely) future owner:
"I have it under contract, with the intent of living there while building a new home on the neighboring lot. Home is warn, but in good condition. Once complete, I would like to subdivide and sell - and NOT tear down Elkington home. However, the subdivide processes kicks in various goverment requirements... for example, we just found out that saint louis highway department would require us to put a side walk in if we sub-divide (but not if we tear down). The cost becomes quite prohibitive given the total frontage (600 ft) and the placement of the Elkington home (sidewalk in theory would go through current garage, front walk, etc). Ironic given my understanding that original proposals before I got the contract included tightly packed subdivision that the city said no to. If city doesn't want development, but then requires me to put in a $50K sidewalk when I subdivide, I don't know if there is any option other than tear down scenario. The house is pretty cool - I would love to keep it as a guest home. Since I can't afford that and city wouldn't let me anyway, I'm not sure what to do... I think the house would be perfect for a young couple with no kids, or simply an modern home enthusiast that doesn't mind the carman road proximity...Elkington sub-divide would include 1-1.5 acres of the land (net any r-o-w easement required by county)..."
Looks like the government is being helpful, as always. Hopefully everything will go through and another buyer interested in renovation can snatch it up.


  1. I hope the house can be saved from demolition. I followed a house here in Fort Worth for months, and we finally got good news, so maybe the same will happen with the Carman Road house. Also, I really like this new banner and template.

    1. Me too! Hopefully it will end up with someone who really appreciates the style.