Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reader Mail

There's too much to do and too little time to get it all done, so I'm gonna take today to clear out the backlog of reader mail.  Apologies to anyone who got a belated reply, a good number of messages have  been appearing in my spam folder, which I check infrequently.

I've also got a couple instances where I'm in need of the assistance of you, my fine, intelligent readers.

First off, we have Marie, who's planning on renovating her old kitchen and is looking for interested buyers for her retro cabinets and appliances.  These are gorgeous metal American Kitchens cabinets and would be a great buy for anyone in the St. Louis area (or anyone willing to pick them up).  If you'd like to take this fine specimen of a 1960's kitchen home, Marie may be reached at  skifarm2@yahoo.com.

I've also had quite a few requests for furniture ID's and, though I do try my best, haven't been able to answer them all.  So, does anybody out there have the deets on this sofa and armchair set or dresser?  I think that the dresser might be a Bassett, but I'm not 100% and have no idea which line.

Until next time, happy thrifting!

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