Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Funday

Hope all of you out there in the blogsphere had a wonderful Easter weekend.

Ours started off, as usual, with a bit of thrifting.  The thrift stores haven't turned up much over the last few weeks, but I did find these Dorothy Thorpe-style glasses on Friday.

They're either humongous shot glasses or cordial glasses without stems.  Regardless, I'm just gonna be filling them with tiny fu-fu drinks.  Mr. Draper would be ashamed, but I likes what I likes.

The girlfriend and I also did some work in the kitchen.  These "chocolate crunch things" turned out well, though I just realized that we forgot to take over the box we packed for the neighbors.  Oops.

Can you believe that she's never dyed Easter Eggs?!  Those British heathens...  

We thought we'd try the tie-dye kit, but our egg-coloring skills were sorely lacking.  Diagrams and a multi-page instruction manual?  For Easter eggs?! What is this world coming to.

Then the weekend culminated with Easter dinner.  It was a glorious feast with virtually all of my culinary favorites: BBQ brisket, deviled eggs, BBQ baked beans, mashed potatoes with gravy, crescent rolls, and green bean casserole.

I think I'll recover in a few weeks, though we did wake up long enough from our food coma to have a Monday evening picnic in Forest Park with Henry.

Overall, I'd say it was a pretty solid weekend.  Now let's dust off that exercise bike.


  1. Those glasses are rad. I have a martini set from 1970 that kind of looks like that and a whole crystal set (wine, water and champagne glasses) that also sort of looks like them. They need to experience silver polish, though. My butler has the day off unfortunately...

    1. Yeah, it's a pretty nice design. I'd like to get a matching set of "roly poly" glasses and then a full set of Fred Press barware. I don't even really drink, so I'm not sure why I'd need these things cluttering up my house. Just too cool to resist, I guess.

  2. Love the glasses! And I'm with you on the drinks. If the first sip is nasty, I'm not going to torture myself trying to "develop a taste for it" simply because I think it makes me look cool to drink it. The sound advice of my taste buds trumps peer pressure anyday.

    1. I used to be a big whiskey drinker, but no longer. Now I'm all about the fu-fu drinks. Masculinity be damned.